March Cougar Madness

We're down to the Final Four. See who's joining us at Big Shotz for the grand prize.



Thanks to everyone who entered and voted in the March Cougar Madness Competition.  On April 1, we'll invite the Final Four cougars (Denise, Julie, Tricia, & Cynthia pictured above) to join JACK at Big Shotz downtown and "show off" their best cougar skills. Through crowd participation, we'll crown Nashville's hottest cougar live, on location. The winning cougar will receive $500 and a trip to Florida courtesy of Florida's Emerald Coast. The trip will include 4day/3night stay at Comfort Inn Destin and a VIP Card offering discounted or complimentary admission to local restaurants and attractions. 1st runner-up will win $300, 2nd runner up will win $200, and 3rd runner up will win $100.

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so can i get in free to big shotz

to cheer on the finalists >?

Big Shotz

Yes, it will be a free event and everyone there will have a vote!

Wait -

So you're going to have 4 final cougars on stage and one of them goes away with nothing?? C'mon Jack, don't cheap out on this. All 4 should get something after making it that far.


It's radio, we're cheap!!!