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Hangover III in the Trailer Park

The Hangover III hits cineplexes this weekend.  Let’s break it down.  Part I was epic.  Hi-Larry-Us in every way.

Moose's Pooches

Moose's Pooches

Sandy is this week’s pooch.  She’s almost 1 ½ years old and a BIG sweetheart tipping the scales at 61 pounds.   This Lab/Collie mix has a cream/white coat and loves to play with toys.  She’s a very happy dog and loves people.  She’s housetrained and learns very quickly. 

Kid Rock tells it like it is...

If you missed the Billboard Music Awards last night, you missed Kid Rock making some noise. 

What can you fit inside Music City Center

“It’s pretty stinkin’ large”, was overheard this weekend at the grand opening of the latest addition to Nashville’s skyline, Music City Center.  I heard Mayer Dean say that this place is over 2.1 million square feet big.  That’s a lot of room.  Let’s just say if you had a living room that big, you could put a

Star Trek-Into Darkness in the Trailer Park

OK Sci-Fi nuts, here’s another movie I have no earthly idea anything about it.  Get it, earthly?  Anyway, Star Wars is more my thing, but I’m not hating on the Star Trek franchise…I’m guessing some day I’ll actually watch the 1st Star Trek movie. 

HBD Janet Jackson

Happy Birthday Dude!  If you’re having a birthday today, you’re sharing it with Janet Jackson.  She’s pretty famous you know.

TBT- Ozzy Drunk off his A$$ on Beale St

Nearly 30 years ago today, Ozzy Osbourne was arrested (See mug shot below) in Memphis for “disorderly conduct”.  For sure, this was a tiny incident compared to biting the head off a bat, <a href="h

Throwback Thursday - Paul Hardcastle 19

Remember this?  Paul Hardcastle's song, 19.  It was a huge hit 28 years ago.

The Great Gatsby in the Trailer Park

Who is the Great Gatsby?  I have no idea.  After watching the trailer I get that the movie is set in the “Roaring 20s” and there is this mysterious guy named Gatsby. 

A Mixtape for Mommy

With Mother's Day on Sunday, I just realized I haven’t yet got Mom anything.  My mom isn’t the biggest rock fan, but she tells me she loves anything I make for her.  So, here’s a Mixtape for Mom featuring a bunch of Mommy Songs. 

It’s the thought that counts right?

Side 1

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