Moose's $5 Bracket Game

Win this and $5!!

Heck yeah, it's college hoops time.  It seems like every conversation around the radio station includes “March Madness,” and “Did you fill out your brackets yet,” and “Isn’t this illegal?” and “I’m soo sick of those Dick Vitale Hooter’s commercials…” and so on. 

Still, not being the biggest college hoops fan/follower in the world, I love to play this game.  No, I’ve never won a bracket, but I’ve come really, really close every year except for the last 3, so I’m issuing a challenge:  I wanna play any and all JACK-fm listeners.  So, if you’ve ever listened to JACK-fm (even for a minute), you qualify to play, just click here, and fill out your own bracket. (Deadline is March 17th, 2011 at 1PM).  Let’s see if your bracket can beat up my bracket. 

And yes there is a handsome reward.  The Assistant Manager Moose’s Bracket Game Champion receives an awesome trophy (see above) and 5 bucks for gas when you come pick it up.  Or, I’ll keep the trophy and the 5 bucks.  (I've already picked out a place for it on my desk.) 

Here’s a little inspiration while you fill out your brackets...

Oh, speaking of brackets...don't forget to voice your choice during March Cougar Madness