The Internship in the Trailer Park

The Internship in the Trailer Park

OK, this looks pretty freakin’ funny.  I’m talking about the new movie, The Internship.  Like you, I’m kind of skeptical that all the jokes (10 total, yes I counted) are in the trailer.  Still, if this movie is anything like Wedding Crashers, it'll be awesome.  Plus, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are in it too.  (You might remember this, my favorite scene)  They’re great together. 

Let just hope for a cameo from Chazz Reinhold

Anyway, I give it 4 Pink Flamingos out of 5. 


5 Pink Flamingos – AWESOME!  Must see in theaters

4 Pink Flamingos – Pretty Sweet, but it’s your dime

3 Pink Flamingos – Good, but I’d wait for the DVD

2 Pink Flamingos – Meh, let someone rent the DVD for you

1 Pink Flamingo – Go outside and rethink your movie choices