Happy Birthday Dude!

Happy Birthday Dude!

If you’re birthday is this week, well…Happy Birthday Dude.  Birthdays are pretty sweet.  So what if we're getting older, most of the time there's presents.  Birthday presents rule.   

Other people you might have heard about are having a birthday too. 

Pam Anderson 46 – Actor/Famous Bikini Wearer.  Pardon the pun, but she’s done it all.  What can’t you say about this Baywatch star that hasn’t been said already? (NSFW)

Debbie Harry  68 – Singer.  She’s the lead singer from Blonde.  Parallel Lines is my favorite album, mostly because the cover.  Who can forget her from Tales from the Crypt either?  

Dan Aykroyd 61 – Actor. He used to be on SNL.  To me, he’s like Morgan Freeman; I’ll watch every movie he’s in…even I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.   

Lindsey Lohan 27 – Actor.  Drama has surrounded this girl and her family for the past few years, but every time I hear her name, I think of Herminie Granger.  Not sure why, I just do.

Taylor Dayne  52– Singer.  She ruled the late 80s with songs like Tell It To My Heart & Don’t Rush Me.  She also does a lot of acting too. 

Tom Cruise 51 – Actor.  Never heard of him. Ha!  Known for Top Gun, the Mission Impossible movies, but how can we forget Les Grossman.  


Huey Lewis 50 – Singer.  He’s the leader of the News.  He’ll also play in Nashville at the Schermerhorn on Aug 25th.  

George W Bush 67 – Former President of the US.  He’s probably the most parodied President in our history.  Will Ferrell’s version is one of the best.

Sylvester Stallone 67 - Actor.  Rocky Balboa, John Rambo, and now Barney Ross.  He once owned part of Planet Hollywood Nashville

50 Cent 38 – Rapper.  AKA Curtis James Jackson III. He's pretty tough too, he once was shot 9 times in one day.  Rencently on the big screen with Bruce Willis.