Dancing with the Stars Challenge

Dancing with the Stars Challenge

Ok, let me explain.  I love to bet on things and this year I lost a lot of bets. A LOT!  For example I lost picking the winner of this years Superbowl, I also had Kansas winning the NCAA’s Men Basketball Championship.  Thanks Northern Iowa!  So you get where I’m coming from.

No, I’m not at all a Dancing with the Stars watcher, but with American Idol being soooo bad this year… I thought it might work.  So, me and my big mouth challenged JACK-fm listeners, Co-Workers and some well know members of Nashville’s media at…Which Celeb would be eliminated each week from Dancing with the Stars.

The Rules:
Starting today (4/5) all contestants will guess which celebrity on Dancing with the Stars will get voted off.  Each week challengers will get a points for every correct guess of who will be voted off.  The points awarded will increase by one point every week.  For example week one correct guesses gets one point, week two correct guesses will recieve 2 points, week three – 3 points….you get the idea.  And that’s it.  Good Luck to all the challengers!

The Challengers:


96.3 JACK-fm’s Asst. Manager

Dance Experience:  “Believe it or not, I have actually tried ball room dancing and made it through 4 lessons without breaking anyone else’s toes.  I will rock this competition.”

Trash Talk: “Ok, I really don’t watch Dancing with the Stars at all, but because American Idol is soooo bad this year I thought of switching over.  Plus Pam Anderson, Erin Andrews and that one girl who apparently used to be in the Pussycat Dolls is on it.   Not to mention All American Hero Buzz Aldrin!  He’s got a pretty sweet right hook.”(Link)

Early Pick: Evan “Look at my sweet Gold Medal” Lysacek


Christine Maddela – News 2
Anchor, Reporter for WKRN - Nashville , TN

Dance Experience: To be an elite competitive dancer like I am, it takes a lot of work. I practice every day: in the shower (sing and dance combo), in the car, in the living room by myself with my dogs, and at the tv station. Can't let the day job get in the way of my training, ya know?

Trash Talk: I dance circles around Big Joe every day at work, so that shouldn't be a problem, although I do catch him practicing his ballet moves in the sports office...

Early Pick: Chad Ochocinco


Mandy “Mandingo” Burns – Loyal JACK-fm Listener
Executive Aide to the Chair in the Department of Chemistry @ MTSU
(Back in the day Mandy was JACK’s Ordinary Listener of the Week)
Dance Experience:  “Growing up I took dancing, (tap, jazz, and ballet) for 7 years with Ms. Sherry Jackson. I’ve always enjoyed it. I feel I am qualified for this task and up for the challenge.”

Trash Talk:  “I know I can beat Moose at picking the person to be voted off of Dancing with the Stars or at anything really. Although I haven’t watched the first episode, I still think I can dust him! He said there might be a little something in it for me. Yeah right! I was an “Ordinary Listener” of the week November 10-16th and NEVER received my Sesame Street Live tickets!!”  Bring it on!

Early Pick:  Nicole Scherzinger

Toya Haynes
Director of First Impressions – South Central Media Nashville.

Dance Experience: Outside of taking dance as a kid, I have no professional training. However, I was pretty obsessed with music videos throughout high school and know almost every Janet Jackson, Bobby Brown, and N’Sync dance routine by heart. You don’t want to be next to me on the dance floor when “Bye Bye Bye” comes on.

Trash Talk: I am notoriously accurate in my predictions in contest like these. I like to consider myself the female Simon Cowell of the south when it comes to judging musical performances. Like him, I have never been a professional performer and I also have a liking for grey Gap v-neck tees (the difference is mine fit). Moose has about as much of a chance at beating me at this as Buzz Aldren has of winning DWTS. None!  Bring it on, Moose!

Early Pick: Nicole Scherzinger


Joe Dubin – News 2
Sports Reporter for News 2 WKRN, Nashville, TN

Dance Experience:  I am a classically trained ballet dancer from the LaVergne School of Dance.  Spent 4 years as lead dancer on the Disney cruise called ‘Snow White and her fat, bald friend.’  I played Snow White.  Took a year off to raise Alpaca’s in El Paso.  Now I dance at various events around town. 

Trash Talk:  Used to dance with Christine Maddela at the Shady Acres retirement center on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, but she stepped on my foot, and I yelled at her.  She then, stepped on my other foot.  This seemed to raise spirits around the home, so Christine made a habit out of it.  I egged her car soon after and we didn’t speak for years, until we both started working at News 2. 

Early Pick: Erin Andrews  **peek-a-boo*** what?  Shut up!!

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