The 25 Worst Christmas Songs...Ever

Does anybody else smell bacon?

'Tis the season for us to be smothered by Holiday Jams.  Truth be told this is my favorite time of the year.  Still there are some songs that make me cringe around Christmas.  So, everyday through Christmas Eve I'll be featuring the 25 Worst Christmas Songs...ever.

24. Blue Christmas – Porky Pig (aka Mark McCollum)

Ok, here’s one that gets on the nerves...and stays there.  It's Comedian Mark McCollum’s version of Blue Christmas (sung the whole way through as Porky Pig).  This is one of those songs where it’s funny the first time you hear it, then slowly degrades your sense of tolerance with every spin.  In researching this Porky Pig impressionist, I found very little on Mark McCollum.  What I did find told me he watched a lot of cartoons, and his Looney Tunes impressions might have been his “Stairway to Heaven.”  Please, leave Blue Christmas to Elvis...PLEASE! 

Oh, and you can blame this song on a DJ.  This was recorded by a morning show out of North Carolina in the late 80’s early 90’s (pr at least close to that time period).  If you listen intently to this ditty,  you can hear the wacky morning DJ’s laughing. UGH!

The 25 Worst Christmas Song….Ever.
25. Christmas Tree – Lady Gaga
24. Blue Christmas – Porky Pig (aka Mark McCollum)

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