#22 of the 25 Worst Christmas Songs...Ever

Did you know Wham backwards is Mahw!

'Tis the season for us to be smothered by Holiday Jams.  Truth be told this is my favorite time of the year.  Still there are some songs that make me cringe around Christmas.  So, everyday through Christmas Eve I'll be featuring the 25 Worst Christmas Songs...ever.

22. Last Christmas – Wham

Yes! The first true 80’s Christmas Song to be a part of the 25 Worst Christmas Songs …Ever! (Don’t worry there’ll be more)  Nothing says Christmas like Wham!  Actually, for story telling purposes, this song is pretty ok.  Who wouldn’t be glued to the drama of giving your heart to someone on Christmas, to only have it given to someone else the very next day?  It plays out like a spellbinding daytime soap opera…similar to the acting in the songs video. I think the thing that makes this song so bad is a combination of the consistent rhythmic keyboarding, George Michael’s whispery singing and the fact that it’s Wham! 

The 25 Worst Christmas Songs….Ever.
25. Christmas Tree – Lady Gaga
24. Blue Christmas – Porky Pig (aka Mark McCollum)
23. 8 Days of Christmas – Destiny’s Child
22. Last Christmas – Wham!